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Tech-centric teaching: STEM lessons encourage differentiated learning (Verizon)

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

From novice to expert techie, 4 cross-curriculum lessons for diverse learners.

It’s no secret that students seize the opportunity to use technology in the classroom. But for educators, the appeal of tech-based learning is a little different. Technology allows students to progress at their own pace while keeping them engaged with the work. With students learning independently, educators have the freedom to interact with students one-on-one, guiding their individual learning.

Giving educators flexibility in how they teach is a huge benefit of having devices in the classroom, says Janee Moss, a Verizon Innovative Learning Schools coach at Almira School in Cleveland, Ohio. Many teachers at Almira School, including the science teacher, transitioned to tech-centric and blended learning approaches after individual devices were added to the curriculum, provided by Verizon Innovative Learning. “[The science teacher’s] classroom has transformed greatly and her comfort level with tech has grown,” Moss says. “The students access work [online through their devices] and hands-on in person, and [the teacher] is able to facilitate more around the room instead of being a ‘sage on a stage.’”

Read the full story on Verizon Innovative Learning's website here.


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