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Zingo's: Reliably Tasty, Consciously Safe (Toledo Parent)

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Zingo’s goes above and beyond during COVID pandemic to provide tasty food with safe measures.

Zingo’s Mediterranean

Cricket West Shopping Center | 3154 Markway Rd. | 419.407.5586

Downtown Perrysburg | 106 Louisiana Ave. | 419.872.5800

Monday - Saturday 11AM-8PM

Between teaching and taking classes at Yogaja Yoga and frequenting Sip Coffee on a regular basis, Cricket West Shopping Center felt like my home away from home (before the pandemic, anyway). There was a buzz of excitement awaiting the opening of Zingo’s second location, and once the doors opened, they did not disappoint.

Erika DeWood, Zingo’s owner, explains, “We had been throwing the idea of opening a second location around for a few years, but nothing felt right. When my brother and his business partner bought Cricket West and brought it back to life, we felt like this was the right fit. We love all of our locally-owned neighbors [in Cricket West Shopping Center].”

Fast, delicious, healthy, conveniently located and consistently good, Zingo’s is a good spot to grab a quick lunch on the go. Several months after COVID-19 restrictions were put into place last March, we hesitatingly started ordering takeout from a few eateries, and Zingo’s was the first we tried.

Maximum safety protocols in place

Online ordering is easy, and Zingo’s offers the option of carryout or curbside pickup for online orders. Tips can be left directly on the bill to minimize interaction. The staff always arrive at the car wearing a face mask and maintain their distance, as best as possible. I felt so comfortable with their conscientious carryout protocols that we now order takeout on a consistent basis.

DeWood adds, “We have been very fortunate to be set up to switch to carryout and curbside easily without too much trouble. We have an amazing staff that has worked incredibly hard throughout this whole thing.”

Zingo’s doors to the restaurant are clearly marked “enter” and “exit” to keep the flow of customers socially distant. A hand sanitizer station is at the door, and all staff members wore masks covering their noses and mouths. Only a few customers were eating inside, and tables were spaced 6 feet apart. While I appreciate carryout containers for minimizing germ cross-contamination, I dislike the environmental effect of waste. Zingo’s uses compostable containers and recyclable plastic containers. Win win!

Something for everyone

My kids are picky eaters, and one of them is lactose sensitive as well. Zingo’s offers several kids menu items for $5, including dairy-free options: chicken or gyro chunks, grilled cheese pita and a kids mini-Zingo (a kid-sized chicken, gyro or spinach pie Zingo). Sides include carrots, apples, hummus or rice plus a small drink. My kids both opted for the grilled chicken, and while they prefer fried chicken chunks to naked, they unanimously agreed they were “the best chicken nuggets that aren’t chicken nuggets!” My 5-year-old loved the rice and said it was “the best.” The chocolate chip cookies are mouth-watering good and the size of your head!

I ordered my Zingo favorites: pick-a-pair with spinach pie Zingo and feta salsa ($9.25) plus the Mediterranean junk salad ($13). The vegetarian spinach pie is a mixture of baked spinach, feta and egg in a thin grilled pita (similar to markouk bread) that comes with a tomato dipping sauce. The Mediterranean junk salad includes all my faves: lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber, radish, chickpeas, red pepper, kalamata olives, feta, grilled chicken, gyro meat and crumbled pita chips. It was all delicious and provided us with leftovers for the following day (a huge time saver when working from home with children!).

My husband opted for the original gyro ($8): tender slices of gyro meat with lettuce and tomato (he specified no onions) and a cucumber sauce. Everyone was happy with their choices but, much to my dismay, I forgot to order smoothies for the kids (with a cost of an extra $1 when ordered with a kids meal). Next time!

Bottom Line:

If Zingo’s Mediterranean isn’t in your COVID carryout rotation, it should be. The staff is wonderful, the safety protocols are reassuring, the food is consistently good and there is such a variety of healthy options that even the pickiest of eaters will be happy.

The short course:

  1. Outdoor dining: Weather permitting.

  2. Online ordering: Yes.

  3. Carryout: Yes.

  4. Curbside: Yes.

  5. Kids’ Menu? Yes.


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