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Free Adult and Kids Yoga Videos During Coronavirus

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

The outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has truly banded us together; people are trying to help in any way they can. Restaurants are forsaking profits to provide free meals to kids who need them. Businesses are closing for the greater good, even though it may cause their ruin. And freelancers are providing free materials to all those stuck at home.

As a writer/editor, yoga teacher, and former educator, I’m also trying to do my part. I created a “choose your own adventure” style daily calendar that works for multiple ages as parents move to a homeschool format, as well as a fun BINGO form that incorporates art, music and movement. I’ve compiled a list of all the local places that are providing free meals to kids, and I’ve now recorded several free yoga videos for kids and adults. I know these things aren’t much, but they are small ways in which I can help.

Below is a free kids yoga video that I made with my own kids, Dexter (7) and Camille (4). We anticipate making more over the weeks, so consider subscribing for updates. Adult videos are below.

Feedback and suggestions are GREATLY appreciated! Please email me if you so desire.

I also have several free yoga videos for adults on my YouTube channel. If you forget, simply search "Yoga with Erin Marsh" in YouTube. The yoga flows range from under 10 minutes to just under an hour, and I have included Gentle Yoga Flows, Basic Flows, and Power Yoga. I will make more over the next few weeks, and Yogaja Yoga will be providing a subscription service of ALL our teachers (not just me). Lots of options for movement at least!

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