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Guide to Learning from Home During Coronavirus School Cancellations

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

There’s a reason I chose not to homeschool even though I was an educator for 10 years: homeschooling is HARD. There are other reasons as well, but most parents understand the struggle of attempting to teach your own child(ren).

My perfectionist first grader bursts into tears every time I even hint at a correction, and my preschooler constantly wants to “do homework-y” like her brother. Juggling the two is exhausting, even just with the 30 minutes of daily homework we complete after school. In short, I’m VERY thankful for school.

With schools cancelled for three weeks as a safety precaution with COVID-19, and summer approaching before you know it, I needed something simple to put in place for structure for our unexpected homeschool. Our school system provided two weeks worth of worksheets, including a fun BINGO card that mixes music, art and physical education (I recreated something similar below), and I wanted to incorporate those while also including some “fun learning.”

While I’ve seen some schedules out there, I like the flexibility of this as it allows us to move, read, and experiment as we see fit. As long as each box gets crossed off, kids can do whatever order they want! In my opinion, the benefit of learning from home is that you don't NEED to stick to a set, rigid schedule!

I hope this helps make the transition from school to home a bit easier for all of us!

If you would like a Google Word version of any of the below, email me and I will happily share with you! (I couldn't figure out how to upload a document on here.)


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