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YOGA IN THE 419 (Toledo City Paper Cover Story)

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

A variety of yoga studios in Toledo provide a practice space for many sorts of yogi. Originally published in Toledo City Paper, May 2018.

Sydney Parker, hands in prayer, with blue hair
Sydney Parker, yoga teacher

Yoga experiences fall on a continuum. From gentle, restorative yoga to cardio-intense power yoga, every practitioner— young or old, new or seasoned— there is a studio and classes that fits his/her needs. Besides physical boons, such as improving flexibility, building strength, preventing cartilage/joint breakdown, bettering bone health, increasing blood flow, strengthening immunity and decreasing blood pressure, yoga has numerous mental benefits, but those are best experienced for oneself.

Check out the diversity of classes and studios in the Toledo area. Most studios have a discounted introductory offer, so experience the beauty of yoga and decide which type is best suited for you.

Four California Yoga instructors in seated position
California Yoga by Kimi Rae


6625 Maplewood Ave., Sylvania

Instagram @caliyogastudio

Kimi Rae, owner and instructor


Restorative, Basic, Intermediate, and Power Yoga, Buti Yoga and Jivamukti.

What makes your studio unique?

We are authentic and welcoming. Our spacious [studio with] wood floors, exposed brick and wood beams transports you to a California style of studio. We have infrared quartz heat and amazing savasana massage, which you just have to experience.

What should new students know?

We offer classes for all levels, demographics, ages and bodies. We have an apprenticeship program and teacher training for anyone to be able to deepen their practice!


725 Ford Street, Suite B, Maumee


Instagram @essencembs

Diana Spiess, owner and instructor,


We offer a full pilates studio, yoga, Yoga Teacher Certification Training, TRX, cycling, strength training, Zumba, drumming and private sessions.

What makes your studio unique?

At Essence, we offer over 70 classes per week with a variety unmatched in the Toledo Area.

What is your mission?

[Our] mission is to assist anyone on their journey to a healthier, happier life. We truly enjoy this amazing community and strive to [help] our clients live with joy.

Circle of women with feet toward center and arms wrapped around one another
The Fitness Shack in Sylvania


5441 S. Main St., Sylvania


Instagram @fitness_shack

Renee Mason, MD, owner and instructor


Buti Yoga, Gentle and VInyasa Yoga, HIIT and strength training classes, rowing and body sculpt.

What makes your studio unique?

We have a full service commercial kitchen that provides our clients with healthy, fresh meals. We also offer multiple fitness formats for all levels of skill and interest... nutrition counseling by a certified nutrition counselor and personal training by certified personal trainers.

What should new students know?

The Fitness Shack was developed as an adjunct to my medical practice, to educate and implement strategies for long-lasting health and wellness benefits.

Exterior photo of Harmony in Life
Harmony in Life in Sylvania


5747 Main Street, Sylvania


Instagram @harmonyinlifecenter

Gale Clark, owner and Reiki master, and Sue Briddell, owner and instructor


Reiki, Naturopathic Medicine with Dr. Lindsay Samuelson, Massage Therapy, Angel Readings and yoga with experienced teachers, including Jenn McCullough.

What makes your studio unique?

Harmony in Life offers a wide variety of healing modalities that assist one on his/her journey to wholeness. Our Harmony Shoppe is filled with unique items such as crystals, singing bowls, jewelry, aromatherapy and many handmade items created by local artists.

What should new students know?

We offer many classes, concerts and events, all of which can be found on our website.

Yoga practioners in side angle pose at Hot Room Toledo
Hot Room Toledo

HOT ROOM TOLEDO (formerly Bikram Yoga Toledo)

5107B Monroe Street, Toledo, OH

567.343.2298 or

Instagram @hotroomtoledo

Tim Zeithamel, owner/director and instructor


90-minute Bikram series, 60-minute Bikram express, Hot Yoga, Inferno Pilates (low impact HIIT style class in heated room), Yin. It’s a lot more than just Bikram.

What makes your studio unique?

The heat. That’s why I changed our name to The Hot Room because we have it all heated up. What is your mission?

The thing that I hear the most from the community is that we have created an encouraging and motivating environment where we can support one another.


701 Madison Ave., Toledo

Marie Russel, Director of It’s Yoga International


Ashtanga, Full Led Primary, Modified Primary, Rocket Yoga, mixed-level yoga and meditation.

What makes your studio unique?

We feature The Rocket® Routines, derived from classical Ashtanga.

What is your mission?

Our vision is to enhance people's day-to-day life experience. We want to show people they are stronger than they think they are by learning how to control their breathing, to embrace a more enlightened and positive thought system, while getting to know their body and how it works from the inside out.


135 North Michigan Street, Toledo


Marci Crawford, owner and instructor


Noon, Monday-Friday. 6pm, Monday-Thursday. 9:30am on Saturdays. Noon on Sundays. We offer Ashtanga, Beginner, Vinyasa flow, and Yin Yoga.

What makes your studio unique?

Our friendly, welcoming atmosphere and our $10 drop-in fee.

What should new students know?

You are welcome here! And we have two parking lots!

Sydney Parker in crescent pose in downtown Toledo
Sydney Parker of The Space


425 Jefferson Ave. 3rd floor, Toledo

Instagram @thespacetoledo

Joni Johnson, curator and instructor, and Sydney Parker, instructor


There is something to offer the physically driven, the intellectual, and the esoteric.

What makes your studio unique?

The Space is always evolving. It's a living and breathing source of love, connection and freedom to explore your higher self. It's a place for students to support, nurture and safely tap into their curious spirits with teachers committed to adaptation and growth.

What is your mission?

The Space is committed to providing a peaceful and safe environment for you— as you are— to learn and discover new facets of yourself.

Yoga teacher Heather helping prop up a students in a restorative fish and bound angle pose
Still Waters Yoga


8115 Monclova Rd, Monclova


Kathie Jaskolski, owner and instructor


All levels: gentle and restorative yoga, Yin, Chair Yoga and more.

What makes your studio unique?

Still Waters is a vibrant and healing space that, for 20 years, has held the vibration of spiritual seekers, energy workers, grounded men and women like you, who are ready to create more health and happiness and long to discover the depth of who they are.

What is your mission?

We believe yoga is a practice of listening to your breath, your body and your instincts. Each class includes physical movement to provide strength, balance and flexibility and honors the full spectrum of the ancient art of yoga by teaching yoga wisdom gems, breathing techniques and meditation.


407 Washington Street, Toledo


Instagram @toledoasanaroom

Malena Caruso, owner and instructor


We practice Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Our mornings are Mysore style... [and] the evening classes are led half-Ashtanga Primary Series. Saturdays are the Led Full Primary Series.

What makes your studio unique?

Aside from our central location right in the heart of downtown...we are also committed to the classic Ashtanga Yoga practice. Our space is clean and simple. There’s no music, added heating elements or other distractions.

What is your mission?

People. Learning. Sharing information. This space is meant to encourage the student and lifelong learner in all of us. There is no finish line; we must keep growing, as humans and [as] spiritual beings.

Toledo Yoga teachers in various yoga poses
Toledo Yoga teachers


4324 West Central Ave, Toledo


Instagram @toledoyoga

Leslie Chapman, owner and instructor


We are open 365 days a year and offer over 40 classes a week (power, yin, restorative, sculpt), monthly workshops, biannual 200-hour teacher training, advanced 300-hour teacher training, and a semester-long leadership program for collegiate students.

What makes your studio unique?

We are a Toledo-centric studio and it is our students and dedicated team that have cultivated a truly unique environment that transcends beyond the walls of our space. We work with local schools, nonprofit organizations, the University of Toledo Athletics, and UT Student Leaders.

What is your mission?

At Toledo Yoga, we are deeply rooted in our mission, which is to create a powerful community through the practice of yoga. We inspire people to fulfill their purpose of making a difference for themselves and others.

Yoga students in down dog at Tonic Maumee
Tonic Maumee


2221 River Road, Maumee


Instagram @tonicmaumee

Phoebe Sloan, manager and instructor


Offering daily a variety of yoga class styles, high energy Barre classes, Pilates Circuit classes and private appointments for yoga and our Pilates equipment.

What makes your studio unique?

The beautiful atmosphere— in the physical details of the space to the welcoming atmosphere [is] what makes Tonic stand out. Although it's really about the variety of classes and the amazing people that make up [our] community that sets us apart from anywhere else.

What is your mission?

The goal of Tonic has always been about community. Creating a neighborhood place where anyone is welcome to take a class (or even several in a row), enjoy a cup of complimentary tea or coffee, make new friends and shop our premier retail boutique.

Yoga teachers smiling in janu sirsasana at Yogaja Yoga Toledo
Yogaja Yoga Toledo


Cricket West, 3145 West Central Ave., Toledo

Instagram @yogajayoga

Margaret Penn, owner and instructor

What makes your studio unique?

From a physical perspective, Yogaja [is unique] because we have two practice spaces [and] each studio space is quite roomy and has beautiful natural light. From a vibe perspective, I often hear from our students that Yogaja has a joyful atmosphere, and [students] are made to feel at home.

What should new students know?

Our staff will be working hard to make you feel very comfortable in each class you attend. Just this month, we opened a dedicated meditation studio and Yogaja Shop in the space directly below our back studio.


Over 50 classes a week: Beginner, Intermediate and Power Yoga; Restorative, Prenatal and Gentle Yoga; Yin yoga, Buti, BodyART, Movement & Meditation, Ashtanga/Mysore and meditation.


Yogaja yoga teachers hanging upside down in aerial hammocks
Aerial Yoga at Yogaja Yoga


Introductory offer $30 for 5 classes


13 classes $120


Student rate $75/mo


$90 for 2 classes/week for 6 weeks

HOT ROOM TOLEDO (Toledo/Sylvania Township)

Introductory offer $30 for 30 days

Out-of-town special $40/week

IT’S YOGA (downtown Toledo)

Introductory offer $30 for 3 classes

THE LOCATION (downtown Toledo)

Introductory offer $30 for 3 classes

MARCI’S YOGA DOWNTOWN (downtown Toledo)

$10 drop-in

THE SPACE (downtown Toledo)

Drop-in classes $10-$15

STILL WATERS YOGA (Monclova) Introductory offer $30 for 30 days

TOLEDO ASANA (downtown Toledo)

Introductory offer $75 first month unlimited offer

Discount for students, veterans and first responders

TOLEDO YOGA (Toledo/Ottawa Hills)

Introductory offer $30 for 30 days

Student + military drop-in $8

TONIC (Maumee)

Introductory offer $30 unlimited yoga for 30 days

$50 unlimited classes for 30 days

YOGAJA YOGA (West Toledo)

Introductory offer $25 for 5 classes

Senior/student packages $35 for 5 classes

Hope Dalrymple, Yogaja teacher, wearing pink Alo outfit from The Yogaja Shop
The Yogaja Shop


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