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I Received the Covid-19 Vaccine...and I’m Scared to Tell Anyone (Business Insider)

Healthy, 40-year-old receives a Covid-19 vaccine during Phase 1.

I am a healthy 40-year-old woman who works remotely...and I just received my first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. I did this despite the fact that Ohio is still in Phase 1B, which means only those who are 65 years and older, have a qualifying condition, or work in a school setting are eligible for the vaccine.

When the COVID-19 vaccines first became available, I remember feeling an odd sense of relief I wouldn’t be in Phase 1 rollout — or even Phase 2. Yet as I watched friends, family, and acquaintances share their vaccine posts and videos, often with the hashtag #FauciOuchie, my fear dissipated and optimism crept in. After nearly a year of being quarantined and working from home with two young kids who are learning virtually, I finally allowed myself to believe there might be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Despite this hope, when my close friend Aya Khalil, an award-winning children’s author, explained what vaccine cancellation lists were, I dismissed her. After all, what were the chances I would make the cut? It felt akin to winning the lottery!

Read the entire article, I Received the Covid-19 Vaccine...and I’m Scared to Tell Anyone, on Business Insider.


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